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The EAGLE Method

Keynote Motivational Speaker

Wife, Mom, Humanitarian, MBC Advocate, Producer, Sales Executive


Tami Eagle is the Founder and Creator of The Eagle Method, a framework for learning to effectively adapt to change and embrace uncertainty, so that people can thrive at home and at work. As a keynote motivational speaker and business leader, she has inspired thousands. She spent 20 years in sales and management in the world of media at companies including CondeNast and Hearst. Tami was responsible for leading teams that generated print and digital revenue for some of the world’s most prestigious brands including Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Lifetime, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue and Bon Appetit. 

At the age of 41, with no family history, she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC), otherwise known as Stage IV breast cancer, which is considered terminal. Seemingly healthy doing cardio kickboxing one day and being told she had a 2-3 year life expectancy a few weeks later was a diagnosis she never would have anticipated. She had to adapt to this unexpected bombshell in her life when her children were just 2 and 4 years old. In order to thrive, she began to embrace the uncertainty of her daily life. That’s when people started calling her “Queen of the Unknown”. Her mantra is Make Each Day Meaningful.


Upon diagnosis, she decided to turn her energy towards advocacy. Tami generously donates her time to volunteer for organizations that raise funds for MBC research and mentors the newly diagnosed.  She is the Producer and Co-Host of #LightUpMBC Live, an annual broadcast that shines a light on the disease.  As a result of her tireless efforts, she has helped raise over $638,000 in funding for MBC research grants and was the recipient of a 2017 Humanitarian Award. She has been using her voice for the last several years to advocate for better laws for MBC patients nationwide as well as in her home state of NJ. Tami was awarded a Joint Legislative Resolution from The Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey for being a citizen of outstanding character and exceptional determination. 

Tami is passionate about inspiring others and has shared her insights on embracing uncertainty. Over the past several years, she has been invited to speak at companies through keynotes, fireside chats, outdoor events and virtual panel discussions.  Her audiences have included accountants, attorneys, bankers, sales and marketing executives. She has been featured on NY1, News12, Pix11, Fox5 and Comcast Newsmakers for her steadfast dedication to helping others survive and thrive. Her message of resilience and passion for life resonates loud and clear to all who hear her speak. Your team will be fully engaged and invigorated with a new perspective on how to approach each day with meaning and purpose. Read the testimonials to see the feedback!


"We must build resilience and accept the unknown to effectively adapt to change,  
so that each day can be meaningful."

Tami Eagle

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Career Experience

Tami utilized over 20 years of sales and leadership management experience working in the media industry to create The EAGLE Method.