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Morgan  Caraviello, Director, Brand Strategy

“Tami’s message is incredibly powerful – and her honesty, courage, and positivity are truly captivating.  We were all so inspired by how she was able to turn her energy towards advocacy and to focus so much on helping others.  It was an honor to have Tami speak at Liberty Mutual. One of the most raw, moving and insightful events our employee resource group has ever hosted.”


Al Ribeiro, Senior Director, Public Affairs

“Tami’s life story is truly an inspiration. By drawing on her personal experiences and how she continues to persevere through hardship, she passionately communicates how leaders can truly thrive and find success through the obstacles we face as well.” 

Jon Kahana, Director of Accounting

“Tami’s presentation was the first time I saw our group of accountants give a standing ovation. Her positive outlook on life was inspiring and offered our team new tools to overcome challenges.” 


Randi Baerson, EVP

Director of Client Services

"Tami's passion, bravery and drive inspired our team in a way none of us will ever forget. When she walked in the door, we knew she was going to be an incredible speaker – but no one could have imagined just how incredible. Tami gave a truly impactful speech that changed the lives of my co-workers forever.  She thanked me at the end the presentation – but we should all be thanking Tami!"


Matthew D’Auria, CEO

"Tami’s honesty, bravery and insights into living life to the fullest gave our team a lot to think about. Our group was 100% engaged and walked away with a greater appreciation for how the work we do impacts the lives of others. Her story is inspiring on so many deeper levels in terms of the way Tami encourages us all to live with purpose."


Susan D. Plagemann, Chief Business Officer

"Tami presented to our team with courage, clarity and foresight. She brought every point back to the ‘why it mattered to the team’, which is key to successful leadership presentations.  Her story is unique, but her ability to translate to everyday life and work, is what makes it miraculous.  Thank you Tami.  You continue to inspire us every day, all day."  



Nicole Busso, Human Resources Manager

"Tami participated in our virtual breast cancer awareness panel and served as a force for MBC Advocacy. Despite having personal exposure to the trauma and hardships a cancer diagnosis brings, her passion and knowledge in the space is the type of energy that will lead us to the next scientific breakthrough giving hope to millions."

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